Your study of the general theory and practice of magic allows you to more fully understand and manipulate the workings
of the Weave.

Thaumaturgical Savant

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, the time (but not the gold cost) you spend to copy spells into
your spellbook is halved.

Arcane Identification

When you choose this school at 2nd level, you learn the Identify spell (choose another 1st level spell if already known) and
can cast it without the material components. You may cast the spell once without using a spell slot and regain the ability to
cast it this way after a short rest.

Thaumaturgical Disruption

At level 6, you learn Dispel Magic and Counterspell (choose one or two other spells if one or both are already known).
The spell DC for spells cast at a higher level than the spell slot you use is 8 + the spell level minus the level of the spell
slot you use (8 + spell level - spell slot used). You may also choose to cast these spells using 1st or 2nd level spell slots.

Arcane Concentration

Starting at level 10, you gain the ability to maintain the effects of two concentration spells at once. Any factor that affects
your ability to maintain concentration is applied individually to each effect (e.g. upon taking damage make a Constitution
saving throw for each spell).

Thaumaturgical Control

At level 14, you gain the ability to redirect the effects of concentration spells that target individual creatures, cast by you
or another caster, from one target to a new recipient. The spells may be capable of targeting more than one creature
(e.g. Slow or Hold Person) as long as the targeting is on individual creatures and not due to area of effect considerations
(e.g. Cloud Kill).

As a bonus action, you may change the target of any one concentration spell cast by you (subject to the limitation above) to a
new recipient (including yourself). The new recipient, if it's unwilling, may make a saving throw against your spell save DC.
The duration of the spell continues from when the spell was first cast. Any effects that would otherwise be permanent after a
full duration of concentration (e.g. True Polymorph) instead end upon expiration of the spell.

As an action you may choose one target, including yourself, under the effect of one or more concentration spells cast by another
caster (again, subject to the limitation above), and redirect one effect to a new recipient (including yourself, but
not to the original caster unless it's willing). You don't need to know the spell or have the ability to cast it (such as a cleric or
druid spell), but it must be of a level you can cast. If the caster is willing, the redirection automatically succeeds. Otherwise make
an ability check, with advantage, using your spell casting ability against the spell save DC of the original caster. If the target is
the original caster, make the check with disadvantage instead. If the spell is from a tradition in which the caster has specialized
(e.g. enchantment or transmutation) you also have disadvantage. On a successful check, choose a new recipient of the effect,
who, again, may make a saving throw against your spell save DC if it's unwilling (if there are no other potential recipients besides
the original caster, the spell simply ends). You then assume the concentration requirements, the spell continues from the original
duration, and on your next turn you are considered the original caster for any further redirection effects (and thus you may
now redirect any effects to the actual original caster). Again, any effects that would otherwise be permanent after a full
duration of concentration instead end upon expiration of the spell.

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