Balrog (As ''imp'' or ''balor'', MM1)

Fallen One (Half-fiend elf sorcerer, MM1)

Gargoyle (MM1)

Goatfolk (MM3)

Horned Devil (MM1)

Knight (Bone human knight, see BVD and PH2)

Lightning Demon (As ''quasit'' or ''pit fiend'', MM1, but deals electricity damage rather than fire)

Mage (Bone human sorcerer, see BVD)

Magma Demon (Fiendish magma paraelemental, MM1 and Manual of the Planes)

Overlord (Bone human wizard (enchanter), see BVD)

Scavenger (Fiendish wolf (or dire wolf) skeleton, MM1)

Skeleton (MM1)

Succubus (MM1)

The Hidden (As ''invisible stalker'', MM1)

Viper (MM1)

Winged Demon (As ''erinyes'', MM1)

Zombie (As ''corpse creature'', for any humanoid with class levels, BVD)

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