The Mystic Market

Saba's Emporium

In an adventurers ward, northwest of a tree-lined canal. Its neighbors include an inn called The Drunken Dragon and the workshop of a female dwarf founder named Boddve.

The shop is a three-storey tower of conjured stone, with a black tile roof. Several snakes slither along shelves filled with bizarre items.

The shopkeeper is a tall female dragonborn named Saba. She checks each sale with a dire rat named Abditar.


+1 Rod of the Pact Keeper (dmg 197)

This finely crafted cedar rod also grants the magical ability to endure extreme cold for one hour per day.
+1 Shield (dmg 200)

This finely crafted shield was taken from the sepulcher of the vampire Geranda.
+1 Weapon (shortsword) (dmg 213)

This battered weapon was taken from the barrow of the vampire Sunama.
Figurine of Wondrous Power (silver raven) (dmg 169)

This distinctive item once belonged to the tiefling adventurer Elchercana, who perished in the Aerie Hills.
Instrument of the Bards (Canaith mandolin) (dmg 176)

This battered item was taken from the tomb of the lich Badeba.
Potion of Animal Friendship (dmg 187)

A luminous liquid, contained in a spherical bottle.
Potion of Healing (dmg 187)

This fuming bronze oil causes one's eyes to turn blue when used.
Spell Scroll (Glyph of Warding) (dmg 200)
Spell Scroll (Silence) (dmg 200)

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