The Drunken Dragon

A bizarre assortment of odds and ends cover the walls of the Drunken Dragon tavern, including the trophies of a hundred expeditions to Xen’drik, the Demon Wastes, and other strange lands. Among the oldest pubs in Upper Dura, the Drunken Dragon is a long-time favorite of explorers, adventurers, and privateers. Slow service and poor food aside, the Drunken Dragon has one of the widest selections of exotic alcoholic beverages in Sharn. From Mror ale and Lhazaar mead to the orcish hrak of the Shadow Marches and fermented honey-milk brewed by the shifters of the Eldeen Reaches, if it’s strong and strange it can be found at the Drunken Dragon.

The Dragon has become one of the main places to hire adventurers; if a party has no specific agenda and simply hopes to find work, it could do worse than to have a few drinks at the Drunken Dragon. The Dragon is a tavern as opposed to an inn, but it does have two private rooms that parties can use when discussing secret business or important deals.

The Drunken Dragon is owned by Hascal d’Ghallanda (NG male halfling rogue 3/expert 6), a cheerful middle-aged halfling. Hascal began his life as an explorer, but gave up the trade after losing his lower left leg and his right eye in a particularly disastrous trip to Xen’drik, and returned to pick up the family business. He has an assortment of beautifully carved artificial limbs and colorful eye patches that correspond to his flamboyant outfits. Hascal is an extremely knowledgeable and talented fellow who, given an opportunity, can spend hours talking about his adventures.

Hasca l possesses the Least Mark of Hospitality and has the power to cast refuge; while he generally saves this for personal protection, for enough gold he could be convinced to cast it on behalf of a group of favored customers. Though he no longer actively adventures, Hascal remains a member of the Clifftop Adventurers’ Guild. Members of the guild get a +1 circumstance bonus on all Knowledge (local) and Gather Information checks made in the


Salted Grouse and Dried Leek, Tankard of Stout (7 cp)
Boiled Pork and Dried Beetroot, Tankard of Beer (9 cp)
Boiled Pheasant and Leek, Tankard of Stout (7 cp)
Roasted Trout and Parsnip, Tankard of Ale (12 cp)
Roasted Mutton and Curd Cheese, Tankard of Beer (12 cp)


Mentha: Female Halfling Thief, Evil. Mentha has black hair and gray eyes. She wears leather armor and wields a long sword and dagger. Mentha has an animal companion, a black cat named Raffin.
Ellalan: Male Elf Druid, Neutral. Ellalan is short and willowy, with straight gray hair and green eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a club and sling.


The old monastery on Serpent Hill is haunted by ghosts
One of the farms outside town was destroyed by a gang of brigands and murderers
A water elemental has escaped from the workshop of Eodias the Alchemist
Scores of dragons have been gathering in the Sunless Fen
Here has been seen lurking in the Glani Woods with a gang of thieves
The silver dragon of the Tomb of Malpha the Pontifex sometimes helps adventurers

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