Clockwork Engineer

Clockwork Engineer's Infusions

You learn the Arbalester and Flesh Golem Infusions.
At 5th level, you learn the Clay Golem and Dancing Shield Infusions.
At 9th level, you learn Helmed Horror Infusion.
At 13th level, you learn Stone Golem Infusion.
At 17th level, you learn Iron Golem Infusion.

Clockwork Companion

When an Automaton Infusion created by you and synced to you is reduced to 0 hit points, it is rendered inert instead of destroyed. You can spend an action and a hit die to restore the Automaton to half its maximum hit points. Alternatively, you can spend 1 minute and a hit die repairing the Automaton to restore it to its maximum hit points.

Infuse Automaton

At 6th level, you can infuse an Automaton with any infusion that targets a weapon or armor. The Automaton's attacks can gain a benefits from a weapon infusion, and the Automaton always gains the benefit from the armor infusion. You still cannot exceed your Infusion Maximum on the total number of points invested in your Automaton.


At 11th level, you can sync with two Automatons at one time.

Ablative Automaton

At 14th level, when you create an Automaton or restore it to its full hit points, that Automaton gains 20 temporary hit points. If you restore an Automaton to half its hit points, it gains 10 temporary hit points.


At 18th level, you gain one autonomous command per round. This can be used to give an Automaton an Action, Bonus Action, or Reaction command without expending that action.

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