Autonomous Engineer

Bonus Proficiency

You gain proficiency with Tinkerer’s Kit.

Bonus Cantrip & Schema

You learn Mending and have the Animate Object Schema.

Bonus Infusion

You gain no additional infusions with each level.
Clockwork Engineer's Infusions

  • At 1st level, you learn the Arbalest Infusion.
  • At 5th level, you learn Clockwork Iron Defender.
  • At 9th level, you learn Clockwork Bomb.

Clockwork Companion

When an Automaton Infusion created by you and synced to you is reduced to 0 hit points, it is rendered inert instead of destroyed. It doesn't need to make death saves, but if it's attacked further you will need to take 10 minutes more for each additional assault to restore it's function. If it just dropped to 0 hp, You can spend an action and two infusion point to return the Automaton to functional (with 1d6) hit points. You must be squeezing its space to do so.
At 3rd Level you may have up to ½ your Artificer Level worth of Constructs operative under your control - (though you may never have more than your Charisma Bonus in number active at one time. (all action economy is maintained)


At 3rd Level, Autonomous Engineer’s can assign the Automaton(s) to take the Guard, or Evade, Actions, which they will continue doing so until ordered to stop.

  • Evade Attacks against the Automaton are at disadvantage, it will disengage and move away from combat, until not attacked for a round, then return.
  • Guard Assign the Automaton a creature or 15ft cube to watch over. When a creature either attacks creature or a creature undesignated by its Sync'd owner enters the space, it attacks them.

At 5th level, Automatons gain an Semi-Autonomous Command interpreter. When the Artificer commands his Automaton, they may do so as a bonus action, which can be used to give a single Automaton or a group a simple a full action command (attack, dash, evade, etc) which it will repeat (ie attack a creature, dig a hole, walk between these points) until given another, attempting the task becomes impossible, or its creator is killed. The DM interprets the command's execution unless you specifically are controlling the Automaton's action(s)

  • At 7th Level, your synced Automatons execute one additional attack when performing an attack action (May not exceed 3 attack actions a round), if you wish you may now use a reaction action to modify the semi autonomous command action. Or as an action you may give two two command actions; (commanding different groups.)
  • At 17th level, you may give your Automatons up to your Int Bonus number of Stacked commands. ::Example:[
    • (1st Priority) Defend Unconscious Ally
    • (2nd Priority) Kill Designated Creature
    • (3rd Priority) Assist Closest Ally (Grant Help)

In that a total of 9 words convey that the Automaton should defend an unconscious ally, (and if none exists), attack a designated creature until it’s dead (or until an ally is brought to unconsciousness - at which point the Automaton would disengage and defend the body of the ally), however if the initial target is killed before an ally is dropped to 0 hp. It would move to the closest ally and mirror its engagement (attempting a skill).The DM should limit the number of words the player can use to make them VERY cautious of wording of such.

Infuse Automaton

At 6th level, you can infuse an Automaton with infusions that can target a weapon or armor. You still cannot exceed your level for Infusion Maximum on the total number of points invested in your Automaton. Additionaly, if you can cast spells, You may now also cast any spell with self as the target on one of your sync'd Automatons.


At 11th level, you can sync with multiple Automatons at one time (Each takes 1 attunement slot, but you may never have more than your Charisma Ability Modifier)

Reinforced Automaton

At 14th level, when you create an Automaton or restore it to its full hit points, that Automaton gains 20 temporary hit points.
Adamantine Automaton
At 18th level, your Automaton’s gain a +1 bonus on their AC, STRength, DEXterity, and a +2 to their CONsitution ability scores and gain +10 movement.


Lifelike Automaton

At 18th level, your skill transcends into artistry - your Automaton’s gain proficiency with Deception (+10) for the purposes of appearing to be living creatures, They gain speech (limitedly) and their movements and behavior are disturbingly realistic. Cost of the automatons is doubled. They retain their abilities which often will clearly demonstrate them to be constructs, but a horse, dog, or even child will appear real to the casual inspection. Your Automatons gain +2 bonus to their Intelligence and Wisdom, and a +6 to Charisma ability scores.

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