Alchemical Transversion (HB)

Alchemical Transversion

Transmutation Cantrip
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: Touch
Components: S, M (The item you want to transmute, plus the remaining materials required for the new object)
Duration: Instantaneous
Concentration: Yes

Your hands shift the very particles of an item around, changing it from one thing to another. Any item that you can hold in your hand, and is no bigger than a foot in any dimension, can be affected.

Since this spell is a form of alchemy, you will require the items that make up the object that you are trying to make. For example, To make a dagger, you would require iron and an organic object (for carbon) to make steel, and leather for the hilt.
Optionally, you can simply shift the material around, so long you don't add or remove. This would be useful for changing a key's ridges to match the tumblers in a different lock.

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