Changeling (Variant)

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  • Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score raises by 2, and your Dexterity score raises by 1.
  • Age. Changelings mature at the same rate as humans, but live signifigantly longer.
  • Alignment. Being deceptive and crafty, Changelings are usually Chaotic, but have no preference of Good or Evil. You may see a Changling go either way, or going a neutral path.
  • Size. Lean and tall, Changelings look like pale, silver-haired humans, though they are not. You average at 6ft, and 130lbs. Your size is medium.
  • Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
  • Deceptive Nature. Changelings are deceptive and cunning. You gain proficiency in the Deception skill.
  • Languages. You can read, write, and speak Common and up to two other languages.

Abilities / Features

Polymorph Your advanced Changling powers allow you to shape forms. As a bonus action, you may morph into the form of any humanoid you have seen. You keep all your stats and your equipment is not kept after shaping. You also may choose to have the voice of this creature while you are in its form. People trying to guess that you are or are not the person you polymorph into must roll a Wisdom (perception) roll competing against your Charisma (deception) roll. Whomever gets the higher number wins. When you are knocked unconcious in this state, you morph back into your normal form. It takes a bonus action to morph into yourself again normally. When you attack someone, you show your true form.

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