"Looking for that special man who's crazy matches my crazy."

Playing: Curse of Strahd








Physical Description (Eyes/Hair/Weight)

Mylliandra, or Mylli, is a 20ish something young women, with Calypso Orange with Blond highlights hair and peach like skin.


Haunted One

Personality Traits

I put no trust in divine beings.


I’m a monster that destroys other monsters, and anything else that gets in my way. (Evil)


I am bonded to an evil inside me, compelling me to evil driving my desire to do good, in order to 'fight' against my lesser half.


I talk to the evilness inside me, often out loud.

Bio & Info

By the condition of her skin, you gather that she's been on the "road" for somekind and has somewhat grown comfortable with the hygiene you expect from someone traveling all their days.

Those who look into my eyes can see that I have faced unimaginable horror and that I'm no stranger to darkness. You do not get the sense that she's out to hurt you, or anyone for that matter, you also get the impression that there's something lurking just beneath her withdrawn exterior.

When talking with Mylliandra, you get the sense that she is bent on doing "good" wherever possible, even seemingly being careless with her own safety in the pursuit. Mylli is no justice warrior however, she will not necessarily right an injustice simply because it's breaking a law, she generally needs to fully believe that the intent is inherently 'evil'.

Mylliandra comes off as sheepish, or withdraw, as she uses her hair and other means to conceal her face at most times. Most people can only ever truly see Mylli for who she is when in combat - if they pay close enough attention.

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