Musical Instruments

In addition to the common musical instruments listed in chapter 5, "Equipment," of the Player's Handbook, bards in the Realms play the following instruments:

  • Birdpipes: Pan pipes or satyr pipes, also known as the shalm, these are sacred to Lliira and popular with wood elf and wild elf bards.
  • Glaur: Short, curved horns like a cornucopia. Played with valves, glaur sound like trumpets, while those without valves, known as gloon, have a more mournful sound.
  • Hand Drum: A double-headed skin drum fitted with handles along its side.
  • Longhorn: A Faerilnian flute of sophisticated make, found only in areas with skilled artisans, as in great cities or elven enclaves.
  • Shawm: A double-reed instrument similar to an oboe or a bassoon, popular with gnomes, who have developed some bellows-powered versions.
  • Songhorn: A recorder, a simple type of flute, usually carved from wood.
  • Tantan: A tambourine, a popular instrument with halflings and humans south of the Dalelands.
  • Thelarr: Also known as a whistlecane, a simple and easy-to-make wind instrument cut from a reed. They are so simple, in fact, that skilled bards frequently make and give them away to children-to the parents' delight or regret.
  • Tocken: A hanging set of carved oval bells, usually played with a pair of light wooden hammers (or open handed). They are most common in underground cultures, where the resonant tones can carry.
  • Wargong: A metal gong, traditionally made from a shield, particularly the s hield of an enemy. Both goblins and dwarves make and play wargongs, their sound echoing through tunnels in the Underdark.
  • Yarting: A southern instrument from Arnn and Calimshan that is a Faerilnian analog to the guitar Numerous variations have spread across the continent.
  • Zulkoon: A complex pump organ that originated with the zulkirs of Thay, who use it in the casting of their spells. It is considered to have a dramatic, but sinister, sound.
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