Feather of Rebirth

Feather of Rebirth

A golden feather with red highlights at the tip. It teems with magical power to the point of it manifesting in the real world. When held in the hand, it gives off a soft warmth and glows softly with yellow light. Its silky to the touch, but it withstands damage much greater than most dragon skins.

If you have this item, it is bound to you. You cannot sell or discard it, though you can pass it off temporarily. When required, you can reach for anywhere and it will appear. If you pass it off permanently, you are unable to use it, even if you regain it permanently.

This item has 8 charges. Each charge is an instant revive. You can hold the feather out to a body that has died for any reason other than old age. If the soul of the body is willing and able to return to the body, it will, all wounds are closed, and the creature is alive again with full hit points. If it doesn't have a body, simply speak the name of the creature while you hold the feather. A new body will be created from thin air. This doesn't remove magical curses, unless you choose to expend 2 charges. When all charges are consumed, its magical power recedes and it remains dormant until 100 years pass, where it regains its 8 charges.


Weight 0.1
Item Type Wondrous/Adventuring Gear etc.
Cost 100,000 gp
Rarity Legendary

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