House Vol
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House Vol was an elven dragonmarked house and one of the first of the dragonmarked houses to appear, originating in Aerenal. The house existed for 600 years (-3200 YK - -2600 YK) before it was laid to ruin and completely wiped from the face of Eberron.

House Vol possessed the Mark of Death. Though scholars have debated as to the actual power wielded by a member of House Vol, it was no doubt terrible in scope and power. House Vol was wiped out by a union of dragons and elves who saw the house as an abomination. However, not every member was destroyed. In the final days of House Vol young Erandis Vol was transformed into a lich by her mother in order to protect her. Lady Vol now oversees the Blood of Vol, manipulating lesser people in an effort to restore the lost Mark of Death.

It should be noted that since the House was destroyed before the introduction of the d' prefix, no one who bore this mark would be called d'Vol.

The Mark of Death is the most mysterious of all Dragonmarks. Originally, it belonged to the Necromantic House of Vol. A group of Aerenal elven nobles who experimented with Negative Energy in defiance of the races' usual ban on such practices.Least, Lesser, Greater, and Siberys Marks of Death
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Eventually, Erandis Vol, was born from the union with a Dragon and an Elf. It has been said by Keith Baker, that her Dragonmark was special in some way due to her Draconic blood. Nevertheless, she never got to use it because her house was then hunted down by both Dragons and elves.

The Mark of Death is the only Dragonmark that is believed to be extinct by the time of 980 in the Galifar calender. No member of the House of Vol survives that has not been either slain or turned into a member of the undead. The Mark of Death seems to have had some sort of power relating to the creation of undeath as Lady Vol was transformed into a Lich by her mother using her Dragonmark upon her.

What the Mark of Death is to have done or been capable of doing is, now, one of Eberron's great mysteries.

The Mark of Death

Skill Bonus +2 bonus to Knowledge (Religion) checks
Least Mark Animate Dead 1/day, Detect Undead 2/day, Inflict Light Wounds 2/day
Prodigy Living Undead 1/day or Shroud of Undead 1/day
Lesser Mark Command Undead 1/day, Create Undead 1/day, Enervation 1/day, or Inflict Serious Wounds 1/day
Adept Negative Energy Aura 1/day or Rejuvenate Corpse 1/day
Greater Mark Control Undead 1/day, Create Greater Undead 1/day, Harm 1/day
Visionary Night Caress 1/day or Veil of Undeath 1/day
Siberys Mark Energy Drain 1/day or Symbol of Death 1/day
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