House Tarkanan

The Mark of Destruction bestows terrible damaging magics onto those who possess it. The Mark of Destruction first manifested just over a year ago.

House Tarkanan


The humans of House Tarkanan carry the Mark of Destruction. House Tarkanan is the youngest of all of the dragonmarked houses. Originally House Tarkanan was a group of individuals that possessed aberrant dragonmarks. Thora Tavin d'Tarkanan, the Houses matriarch, was part of a special operatives team formed by the crown of Breland during the Last War. All the members of this team possessed aberrant dragonmarks. After the war was over, Thora d'Tarkanan started gathering up those she could find with aberrant marks. She gave the a sense of security and protection from those that would otherwise persecute them for the marks that they were born with.

House Tarkanan, unable to fit into society, was forced into its shadows. There they flourished, quickly turning into a very power and dangerous criminal organization. Then suddenly a year ago, the human members of House Tarkanan found their aberrant dragonmarks turning into true dragonmarks, while those that were not human remained aberrant. Many of those with aberrant marks felt somehow betrayed and cheated and left House Tarkanan, while a few remained in the house's service.

House Tarkanan's seat of power and vast fortune is found in the City of Sharn, in Breland, where they have started to sell their services out as mercenaries and guards. In doing so, they have not made many friends from either House Deneith or House Tharashk.

The Mark of Destruction

Skill Bonus +2 bonus to Intimidate checks
Least Mark Burning Hands 1/day or Magic Missile 1/day
Prodigy Blast of Force 1/day or Fireburst 1/day
Lesser Mark Fireball 1/day or Sorching Ray 2/day
Adept Force Missiles 1/day or Ray of Flame 2/day
Greater Mark Delayed Blast Fireball 1/day or Disintegrate 1/day
Visionary Firebrand 1/day or Shard Storm 1/day
Siberys Mark Implosion 1/day or Earthquake 1/day
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