Getting started with Roll20

Welcome to Giger's D&D 5th Edition Help Section


There is so much content and information available it's just not possible to provide everything.

Get the PHB, get deeply familiar with the Journal and the Compendium.

Tutorials and Helpful Information

New Players Orientation

Click here for information for New Players.

Journal & Compendium

Read up on the Journal and Compendium here….it's a huge part on using the Roll20 System.

Using The Character Sheet

We are using the 5e OGL character sheet by Roll20. It's quite simple to use, and a lot of the 'math' parts have been taken care of for you.

Click here for detailed information about the character sheet we use.

Rolling Your Character

There are specific rules for creating your character. Don't be that guy, and make the DM blacklist your character because you didn't follow This Process.

Remember, It's a game so HAVE FUN!!

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