Weapon Master

The Weapon Master is a warrior who not only seeks thrill and honor in combat but is revered for the way they fight. Tales of their combat prowess and proficiency on the battlefield echo throughout the planes.

Brutal Precision:

Starting at 3rd level, your strikes become so graceful, precise and swift, that you can easily target exposed vital organs of a creature before they have enough time to react. Your weapon attacks can score a critical hit on a roll of a 19 or 20.

At 13th level, your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 18-20. You may also choose an additional fighting style from the fighting style list.

Weapon Mastery

Beginning at Level 7, choose a weapon you are proficient in. You now deal an extra 1d6 damage with that weapon.

Battle hungry

When you attain 10th level in this archetype you gain the following benefits:

  • you now add your proficiency to your initiative rolls.
  • On your turn you can use your dash action as a bonus action and while dashing in this way you do not provoke attacks of opportunity
  • So long as you are carrying a weapon you have mastered you gain + 2 Armor Class.

Greater Weapon Mastery

When you reach level 15 in this archetype, you may choose a second weapon to master. It deals an additional 1d6 damage dice. Your first chosen weapon now does increased damage of 2d6.

One Man Army

When you reach 18th level in this Archetype you gain the following benefits:

  • Quick strike: One extra attack which uses a bonus action, you can also forego this extra attack to give one of your other attacks advantage.
  • Peerless blow: Once per long rest you can do max damage with one attack.
  • Brother's in Arms: Allies within five feet of you gain +2 bonus AC. In addition, once per long rest, you may choose to receive the damage that an ally would have taken on an attack or a failed save.
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