Prerequisite: If any
Feat Description

- You can cast Control Flames
- You gain a +2 to Constitution, or a +1 to Dexterity and +1 to Constitution.
- You gain the ability to tinker devices that function similar to a flame thrower that can be used as traps, grant 3 use jump packs to add 30' jump distance or 15' extra move.
- Traps will deal 1d6 fire damage for every pint of flammable oils used and any shrapnel added to the mixture will deal 1d4 piercing damage for every cup added.
- If you spend 6 hours staring into a flame you can gain Pyro points equal to 2d4 -1 and those points can be used to add to flamethrower damage. (Similar to Gunslingers Grit)
- Any time you take fire damage you can either take the damage and get 1 Pyro point. Or you can use a Pyro point and cast Control flames to reverse the flames. *Note, This doesn't work with dragon's fire from an adult or ancient dragons.

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