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Sharn is a massive fantasy metropolis. The only city known to mankind and is anything but boring. It is a maze of towers that reach hundreds upon hundreds of feet into the air, with people, skycoaches, gargoyles and all manner of things milling about. Here you'll find a information to get you oriented, a district by district look at the city, as well as a few informative essays on the city. In each district it there is an overview of the district, the important figures and places within, and any other useful knowledge.

All maps are found in the journal in roll20


If it becomes important to know how long it takes to get from one place to another, use the following rules of thumb:
Destination On foot By air
In same district 3d6 minutes 1d6 minutes
In same ward 6d6 minutes 2d6 minutes
Adjacent ward 3d6 x5 minutes 1d6 x5 minutes
Farther away 6d6 x5 minutes 2d6 x5 minutes

A group can reduce this time by 1/2 if one character makes a successful DC 15 Wisdom check

Configuration of Sharn

QUARTERS Central Dura Menthis Northedge Tavick's Landing
Upper Wards Upper Central Upper Dura Upper Menthis Plateau Upper Northedge Upper Tavick's
Middle Wards Middle Central Middle Dura Middle Menthis Plateau Middle Northedge Middle Tavick's
Lower Wards Lower Central Lower Dura Lower Menthis Plateau Lower Northedge Lower Tavick's
The Cogs

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