College of Compulsion

This is a new bard college that focuses on charming enemies in battle

Walk into an inn, get their clothes, their boots and their keys….and they'll thank you.

Bonus Proficiencies

At level 3, the bard gains proficiency in constitution saving throws as well as the persuasion skill. If this skill is already a trained skill, gain one skill of choice

Lulling Voice

Also at level 3, the bard learns to weave soothing words of deception deep into the verbal components of charm spells. Whenever an opponent rolls a saving throw against one of the bard's charm spells, the bard can spend a bardic inspiration use to roll an inspiration die and lower the result of the opponent's saving throw by the result.

Twin Charm

At level 6, the bard learns to double the effects of his single target charm spells. Whenever the bard casts a single target charm spell, as a bonus action he can effect a second target with the same casting of the spell.

Combat Charmer

At level 14, the bard learns to thoroughly implant trust into his targets' minds. Damage taken by your charmed targets no longer breaks the spell, or allows the target an additional saving throw. This effect only applies during combat with one or more other non-charmed enemies.

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