Spirit Reaver

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As a Spirit Reaver you defer to the authority of the all god Manu. unknown to most Manu is the creator of all time and space.
He is a constant force of balance in the universe and as a Spirit Reaver you are his emissary. You travel the world searching for spiritual
distortions that need to be repaired or destroyed depending on the intent of the phemonemon.
The spirit link with Manu that you possess makes you inherintly stronger and faster than most, as well as able to hide yourself more easily using your spirit energy to mask your presence.

Mostly Good wether Chaotic or Lawful some have been known to be quite evil. Manu doesn't allow that to last long however.

Attribute Focus:
Dexterity, Charisma, Intelligence.

Skill Proficiencies:
Stealth, Athletics, Religion, History and Arcana.
As well as proficiency with either a Disguise kit or a Forgery kit.

Weapon Proficiencies:
Shortswords, Longswords, Rapiers, Shortbows, Longbows, Crossbows.

Armor Proficiencies:
Light Armor, Medium Armor.

Due to your Spiritual link with Manu the father of time and space, you are capable of understanding and speaking all languages.
However you are unable to write in all scripts, only those you are already proficient in.

A Rapier with a hilt emblazoned with the crest of the Order of Manu, a Ring with the same markings, a Game set of your choice or an instrument, a Forgery Kit or a Disguise Kit, a set of dark blue and green common clothes with a hood, a belt pouch and 20gp.

Feature: Spiritual Warrior

Once per day you can call upon the spirit of Manu to heal 5hp and imbue your weapon with spiritual power for the duration or until an attack is made with the weapon and the attack hits.
Add 1d6 to you damage roll on physcal attacks.
Can only be restored after a long rest.

Feature: Order of Manu

When in need you can use your link with Manu to communicate with other Spirit Reavers over any distance instantly.
The order is not as populated as it once was however and finding help close by may be harder than you think.
(roll a d20 and if it is 14 or higher help is around the corner or at least not far, if 10-14 help is a good 15 minutes away, 1-10 help isn't coming. Add your Charisma modifier to the roll. As well add your proficiency bonus if you have no enemies around you.
You can use this to call for help in the form of reinforcements, supplies, shelter, and just about anything else.
others in the order will go out of their way to assist you as you would do for them.
This can be restored after a short rest.

Feature: Spirit Syphon

Using your link with Manu you can syphon the spirit of others allowing you to recast depleted spells as a bonus action first and then the actual casting of the spell as your main action.
You may use this feature as much as you like, but only once per battle plus the number of your Charisma modifier. (minimum of one)
You do not need to rest to restore this skill, it is restored at the end of battle.

Feature: Spell Savant

At 1st lvl add 2 lvl one spells from the Wizard, Warlock or Sorcerer pools.
at lvl 3 add 1 lvl 2 and 1 lvl 1 spell from the same pools.
at lvl 5 add 1 lvl 2 and 1 lvl 1 spell from same pools.
at lvl 8 add 1 lvl 3, 1 lvl 2, and 1 lvl 1 spell from same pools.
at lvl 11 add 1 lvl 4, 1 lvl 3 and 1 lvl 2 spell from same pools.
at lvl 14 add 1 lvl 4 and 2 lvl 3 spells from same pools.
at lvl 18 add 2 lvl 5, 3 lvl 4, and 4 lvl 3 spells from the same pools.
Your Charisma is your modifier for all spells you cast.
At lvl 9 and higher also add your Intelligence modifier.
At lvl 18 and higher also add your Dexterity modifier on top of all other modifiers.

Suggested Characteristics

You are a warrior for good in the universe and as such strive to create good around you through your actions and examples.

d8 Personality Trait
1 You will do anything to protect those you care for and the innocents that cant defend themselves.
2 You fight for the righteous cause of Manu regardless of what you must do to accomplish his goals.
3 After the ordeals you've suffered in life you have vowed to avenge those who fell by your side.
4 Searching for power you found Manu, using his power fills you with holy purpose.
5 You are selfish and cruel but effective at your calling as a Spirit Reaver.
6 Despisite what others think, you feel your position of power allows you to do as you please with impunity.
7 Allowing yourself to be completely controlled by Manu your body is simply a host for Manu's spirit.
8 You were abused as a child and Manu saved you. Now you spend your life trying to repay his kindness and mercy.
d6 Ideal
1 Defender: You would sacrifice yourself without hesitation to save another.
2 Avenger: You will go out of your way to bring justice for those who have been wronged.
3 Defiler: You don't care for others and disregard all life but your own. Manu isn't pleased. (Chaotic Evil)
4 Pure Spirit: You strive to do right in all the actions you take in life. Manu is pleased. (Lawful Good)
5 Hatered: You hate all things evil and will do anything to destroy it. At any cost. (Chaotic Good)
6 Forgiveness: You have the capacity to forgive anyone for anything and move on with life. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 You wear an amulet that belonged to your father. You live to make him proud.
2 Manu has entrusted you with his power. You are bonded with him for life.
3 The orphanage that raised you has fallen on hard times. you've stepped up to help.
4 Your wife and children were killed by an enemy of Manu. For his help destroying this enemy you swear loyalty to Manu.
5 Though your life has been hard you have an admiration for this world and will do anything to save it.
6 The only bond you share is to yourself, caring only what happens to you and no one else.
d6 Flaw
1 Being judgemental can have it's downsides. You are distrusting that others can accomplish the tasks that you can.
2 You look down on others because of your superior affinity for the spiritual and the knowledge you have of the universe.
3 You put others before yourself too often, and as a result you don't take very good care of yourself.
4 As an only child you grew up not sharing and as a result it has made you selfish.
5 The only sane person on the planet. You hate everyone and love solitude. This leads you to be rude in interactions with others.
6 Vain glory. You take credit for great deeds wether they are yours or not. Sometimes you are called out on it.
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