Aberrant Dragonmarks

On the surface, aberrant dragonmarks are similiar to their true counterparts. An aberrant mark allows its bearer to make use of a spell-like ability once per day. It appears as a mark on the skin that grows warm when its ability is used, and a mark that is damaged or removed eventually returns. The design of the mark is a sinuous pattern of lines, often with a vaguely draconic shape. However, that's where the similarities end.

The true dragonmarks have a standard form. Two characters with the lesser Mark of Passage have exactly the same design on their skin, and each mark is drawn in lines of vivid blue and green. A child of two dragonmarked heirs has a good chance of manifesting a mark, and all dragonmarks of a particular type bestow the same range of powers on those who bear them.

None of these things hold true for aberrant dragonmarks. No two aberrant marks are identical. Certain standard patterns provide hints as to the powers they grant, but two aberrant marks that grant the same power can be wildly divergent in appearance. Aberrant dragonmarks come in a wide range of colors, including oily black, blood red, and vivid green. The flesh around an aberrant dragonmark is often covered in welts and boils, and marks related to fire sometimes leave scars or burns on the skin.

This has contributed to the dark reputation of aberrant dragonmarks, with observers often mistaking such disfigurements as a symptom of disease. However, this scarring is usually confined to the mark, and has no adverse effect on the bearer. The child of aberrant parents might develope an aberrant dragonmark, but if so, it could bestow any of the aberrant powers. There is no Mark of Fire or Mark of Fear, and this lack of a clear lineage is a defining element of the aberrant marks.

Aberrant Mark Powers

Burning Hands 1/day, Cause Fear 1/day, Charm Person 1/day, Chill Touch 1/day, Detect Secret Doors 1/day, Featherr Fall 1/day, Inflict Light Wounds 1/day, Jump 1/day, Light 1/day, Pass without Trace 1/day, Produce Flame 1/day, Shield 1/day, Tenser's Floating Disk 1/day.

Lesser Aberrant Mark Powers

Bestow Curse 1/day, Contagion 1/day, Darkvision 2/day, Death Knell 2/day, False Life 2/day, Poison 1/day, Rage 1/day, Scare 2/day, Scorching Ray 2/day, Sleet Storm 1/day, Suggestion 1/day, Summon Swarm 2/day, Touch of Idiocy 2/day, or Vampiric Touch 1/day.

Greater Aberrant Mark Powers

Cloudkill 1/day, Cone of Cold 1/day, Confusion 2/day, Dominate Person 1/day, Enervation 2/day, Fear 2/day, Feeblemind 1/day, Fire Shielf 2/day Flame Strike 1/day, Insect Plague 1/day, Mass Inflict Light Wounds 1/day, Phantasmal Killer 2/day, or Slay Living 1/day

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